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My name is Rochelle.

Hello! My name is Rochelle and I am the business owner of Celebrate with Me LTD!  With the 2020 pandemic, these are trying times for sure. It has made me realise that life should be celebrated at every occasion, and that I can try to do something to bring a smile to the faces of New Zealand. Whenever I get a hamper, I am so excited to open it up and peak at all the goodies inside, and that is what sparked the journey of this business.


I do shift work five days a week, and thinking of starting a small business alongside that was exciting. Planning the actual business and having enough cash flow was the challenging part. There were times when it was so overwhelming and I just wanted to quit!  But my family and best girlfriend stood beside me and encouraged me to do a little more each day. Throughout the process of planning this business, exploring options and ordering items, I have met some amazing people and have learnt a little bit from everyone to give this small kiwi business a head-start.


Currently, I am still working in a healthcare facility while running this business as I truly enjoy serving people and looking after them with all of my heart. As challenging as it can be to manage two things at once, I am ready for a new challenge in life and to step out of my comfort zone to meet new people and bring smiles to New Zealand faces.


Coming up with a business name was a lot of fun, but also difficult. I wanted something that would encompass my vision and wishes for this business, and really speak to the notion of me being a part of New Zealander’s special moments. It gives me such joy to be able to share in someone’s happiness, so I encourage you to Celebrate with Me!


Preparing these gift boxes and delivering them to you or your loved ones gives me the very special opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face. Celebrate with Me boxes are hand packed with only the best quality items, each carefully considered and selected so that there is a gift box for every occasion and individual. At times like these, it is especially important to cherish the finer things in life, and pamper ourselves and those around us. So come and Celebrate with Me!